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  • Where is the local government

    Where is the local government?

    Although local body elections had been conducted in the country in the past as well, but the exercise under a democratically elected government has been conducted for the first time in the history of the country...

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  • Rule of Law

    The rule of law

    Indeed, the role of the rule of law in a civilized and democratic society is a known fact. But the question is: Is our Pakistani society really free, civilized and democratic? If so, then, what in the country is happening with the rule of law?

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  • Rising threat of deforestation

    Rising threat of deforestation

    Pakistan’s rangelands covering 52.3m hectares, or about 60pc of the country’s total geographical area, are faced with the threat of desertification, the Food and Agriculture Organisation has warned in a just published report.

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  • Distribution of Relief Goods Ghotki by RDPI & PLAN Pakistan
  • Child Protection Session With Community in Ghotki by RDPI & PLAN Pakistan
  • Cultural Event Mach Kachehri @ Ghotki RDPI PLAN on Sindh TV News 28 Feb 2011
  • Cricket Match of Affected Children Ghotki by RDPI & PLAN International Pakistan