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‘3,000 bodies dealing with women’s harassment at workplace’

Marking the National Day for the Rights of Working Women, speakers at a recent seminar called for an end to women’s harassment at workplaces and noted that it was one of key factors that hindered women’s performance as well as their contribution.

The Sindh Ombudsman for the Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace, as part of its awareness campaign drive, commemorated the National Day for the Rights of Working Women at the auditorium of the National Museum on Thursday.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah, former chief minister, was the chief guest at the seminar. Pir Ali Shah, the provincial Ombudsman, Shamim Mumtaz, minister for social welfare, Mehnaz Mehnaz Rehman, resident director of the Aurat Foundation, Huma Baqai, a political analyst, Uzma Noorani, a senior member of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, and Shahla Shah, the SP City, were prominent among the speakers.

The participants of the seminar were told that until now, over 3,000 inquiry committees on the complaints of women’s harassment at workplaces had been formed in both the public and private sectors across the province. Among them, hundreds of complaints had been addressed.

Syed Qaim Ali Shah said Pakistan was one of the few countries observing the day.

He added that gender equality was the first step to women’s empowerment in the country. “The fact that we observe the working women rights day clearly reflects that our governments our encouraging women to come forward and join in the nation-building process.”

Shamim Mumtaz said women should also identify their strengths and abilities, and move towards a world of empowerment.

Source: The News

Byline: Reporter

December 26, 2016

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