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330 women graduate from Police Training Centre

Punjab’s Inspector General of Police Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera has said that the role of women in the progress of society and country could not be denied. The most important factor due to which modern nations have developed themselves to such an advanced level is that women work equally along with men in those societies, he said.

The IGP stated this while addressing the passing-out parade of the 9th batch of lady recruits at the Police Training Center, Chung, here on Saturday. 330 lady police recruits participated in passing out parade, including 318 officials of the Punjab police and 12 officials of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). All recruits were provided 8 months of professional training including a two-month specialised combat course. Five of the best performing lady recruit were awarded shields and cash prizes during passing out parade for various accomplishments.

The number of women in Punjab’s police was very small just a few years ago but now the Punjab police has provided the chance for women to prove their abilities by inducting them into the executive cadre and training them for IT and deploying them at front desks, Sukhera said.

“Besides this, a fully equipped anti-riot squad of policewomen is always ready to tackle any situation. The provincial police department is aware of the internal and external threats faced by the country and is ready to foil the plans of criminals and anti-state elements,” he said

The IGP also said that protection of honour, lives, and properties of citizens were the foremost responsibility of the police for which the Punjab police is working day and night with full dedication. “Our history is a clear evidence of the fact that officers and officials of the province have never hesitated to sacrifice their lives to protect citizens and to maintain the rule of law. Keeping in view its glorious past, I hope the Punjab police will continue to serve citizens as its top priority,” he added.

Staff Report. 330 women graduate from Police Training Centre. Pakistan Today, April 9, 2017.

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