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49 CDA depts devolved to MCI

Islamabad mayor and Capital Development Authority chairman Sheikh Ansar Aziz devolved several functions of the authority to the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) on Monday, in light of the Islamabad Local Government Act 2015.

A notification issued on Monday stated: “All the formation along with their assets, rights & liabilities, functions as per ICT Local Government Act, as already transferred or proposed to be transferred as per schedule of establishment of MCI shall perform their respective functions, under MCI with CMO as its official head.”

According to the act, 49 CDA departments – 23 fully and 26 partially – are to be devolved to the MCI. They will now report directly to the chief metropolitan officer (CMO).

The MCI is now fully responsible for anti-encroachment operations in markets. “The competent authority has desired that the assets, vehicles etc of enforcement directorate, assigned with the responsibility of removal of encroachment from the markets, herby attached with DMA of MCI on permanent basis,” the notification said. The post of anti-encroachment deputy director was also transferred to the MCI.

The directors general of the CDA’s human resource development and administration will also be directors general of the MCI, and all the subordinate offices for MCI-related administrative and human resource-related affairs will be routed to the CMO.

The notification said that all departments, which have been devolved or are to be devolved, will now directly report to the CMO.

Employees of several other departments partially devolved to the MCI will now report to the CMO, but several CDA officials have expressed reservations about being transferred to the MCI.

At a time when employees have gone to court against such a transfer, they also claimed the CDA chief could not transfer them.

“Today, through this notification, the mayor technically transferred employees of 49 departments under the administrative control of the MCI,” said a senior CDA officer of CDA. He said according to the law the mayor cannot transfer employees from the CDA to the MCI without their consent.

But Mayor Aziz said there is no pending court case, and matters between the CDA Employees Union and the MCI have been settled to smoothly transfer the CDA’s functions to the MCI.

Source: Dawn

Byline: Reporter

December 20, 2016

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