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80pc cardiac diseases curable, say experts

In Pakistan, around 200,000 people die every year because of heart diseases, 300,000 suffer strokes, 19 percent over 15 years age are patients of high blood pressure and 25 percent above 45 are diabetics.

Around 80 percent cardiac diseases are curable. Precautionary measures, including balanced diet, regular exercise and healthy lifestyle can save us from cardiac diseases. These views were expressed by the speakers in a seminar on “Healthy Heart for All” on the occasion of World Heart Day jointly organised by Ferozsons Laboratories Limited and Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Memorial Society (Jang Group of Newspapers).

Minister for Specialised Health Care and Medical Education Khawaja Salman Rafique and Minister for Primary and Secondary Health, Punjab Khawaja Imran Nazir were chief guests on the occasion.

Guest of honour was MPA Bushra Butt. Punjab Institute of Cardiology Chief Executive Prof Dr Nadeem Hayat Malik, Ferozsons Laboratories Limited President Usman Khalid Waheed, cardiac surgeon Dr Shahid Ameen, Prof of cardiology at Shaikh Zayed Hospital Dr Mazhar Rehman, Dr Ambar Malik nutritionist, famous cartoonist Javed Iqbal, Ferozsons Laboratories Limited Director  Muhammad Shahid Farooqi, Muhammad Irfan Head of Marketing and Sales Ferozsons Laboratories Limited etc were present in a seminar.

Usman Khalid Waheed said that in Pakistan, around 200,000 people die of heart diseases, 300,000 suffer strokes, 33 percent above 45 years age suffer from blood pressure and 25 percent over 45 years age are diabetics. He said precautionary measures are need of the hour to avoid diseases.

Khawaja Salman Rafique said Punjab is over-populated province in country. Diseases increase as pace of population increases. He appreciated the efforts made by Prof Dr Nadeem Hayat Malik. According to him, beds in emergency of Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC), have increased to 200 because of efforts of Nadeem Hayat Malik. Additionally, more work is being done at district level.

Unfortunately, the patients don’t follow the advice of doctors. He also said hospitals will be revamped in districts soon. Teaching hospitals are over-burdened in Punjab.  Khawaja Imran Nazir said stress leads towards heart attack.

After seeing the situation the government is going to introduce health insurance.  Dr Nadeem Hayat Malik said heart diseases rank on top across the globe. The disease is found in Pakistan on large scale too, he said. Sudden deaths among women have been observed.

Chances of heart diseases increase after 40 years of age. Women suffer heart attack after the age of 55. We can save them from this disease. Around 80 percent heart diseases are curable.

Balance diet and exercise can save us from cardiac diseases. Smoking is a silent killer, he said. High blood pressure is a major factor behind heart diseases.

Bushra Butt said the government is investing a lot in health sector.  Dr Shahid Ameen said we have adopted unhealthy lifestyle. We should lead simple life to avoid diseases. In western states, the diseases have decreased to 40 percent because they have adopted simple lifestyle. Heart diseases have been observed among teenagers which is unfortunate. We should not use white sugar. Family history counts a lot in the diseases.

Dr Ambar Malik said the trend of smoking has increased among children. Cardio vascular mortality could be controlled by decreasing carbohydrates. Pakistani people like sweets which are harmful for their health.

Senior Editor, Health, Education and Current Affairs, Wasif Nagi said that people eat spicy food abundantly. They have given up simple food. Thus our health will be falling with the passage of time.

Dr Mazhar Rehman said it is the responsibility of the patients to take care of themselves. Doctor could only advise them.  Dr Farzeen Malik said we should enhance usage of green tea, coffee and tea to avoid heart diseases. Green tea reduces weight. We should use fresh vegetables.  Muhammad Shahid Farooqi and Javaid Iqbal also spoke on the occasion.

Khalti Ali. 80pc cardiac diseases curable, say experts. The News, September 23, 2017.

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