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Agricultural reforms: To boost crop output, climate-smart technology introduced

The provincial government has introduced a ‘Climate Smart Technology’ package for farmers to enable them in achieving higher agriculture production and addressing the issues of climate hazards. The
project is being implemented at a cost of Rs127.7 million.

This was said by Agriculture Spokesperson Naveed Asmat Kahlon while addressing a meeting on Friday.

He said solar energy and tunnel technology were the main features of the project which will enable farmers achieve production targets within scheduled duration against weather related hazards.

He added the project would be completed in three years and a project implementation committee had been formed under the supervision of agriculture secretary.

He maintained solar energy would be utilised for agriculture purposes under the project.

The project was part of the Punjab Growth Strategy 2018 and Agriculture Plan 2015 and was a step forward in the Punjab government’s pursuit to achieve higher production targets despite adverse circumstances.

Climate-smart agriculture is an important new approach to addressing food and nutritional security on one hand, and adaptation and mitigation within one framework.

It will enable millions of smallholder farmers to increase their food production and earnings, and at the same time protect their ecosystem.

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