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Call for avoiding physical violence at schools, homes

SWABI: Speakers at a programme here on Monday called for shunning physical violence against children at schools and homes as it damaged their personalities, eroding their ability to contribute to the society.

The education department had organised the programme titled ‘young children and future of the country’. Educationists, heads of educational institutions, teachers and children attended the function.

The participants said the children should be absolutely free from physical penalty and that both the parents and teachers should avoid punishing them because it had far-reaching negative impact on their character.

They said instead of building the character of children such punishment destroyed creativity in their personalities.

The speakers said the studies conducted by experts all over the world had agreed on one point that there should be no physical punishment while imparting knowledge to children.

The physical punishment criminalises the mind of children and their inclination towards crime always increases. When they grew up they used the same cruel tactics, causing disturbance in the society, they explained.

Mohammad Ghafoor, an educationist, said teachers had been directed by education department to avoid capital punishment which always left bad impression on the minds of children.

Amjid Ali, a columnist, demanded of both parents and teachers to work for welfare of children for a better and brighter tomorrow.

The speakers said the children were the future builders, and called upon the government to take steps for welfare of youngsters.

They said without modern education it was difficult to realise the dream of progress and economic prosperity, adding developed countries were much focused on education of children for a prosperous future.

Source: Dawn

Byline: Reporter

November 29, 2016

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