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Climate Change

Climate Change ministry committed to ensure better environment

The ministry of climate change has planned number of new projects to be executed in the fiscal year 2017-18 for ensuring better environment and introducing latest technology in the country. The major project included Development of reverse linkages with Marmara Research Centre, Turkey, Strengthening Capacity for Effective implementation of the …

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Pakistan vows to actively back steps to improve world’s oceans health

Pakistan has told the United Nations Ocean Conference that it would play an active role in the efforts to reverse the decline of world’s oceans health resulting from decades of “irresponsible human activity.”  “We remain committed to working closely with the international community to improve the health of our oceans,” …

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Pakistan facing ‘worst’ effects of climate change

Despite producing comparatively less greenhouse gases, Pakistan is facing some of the worst effects of greenhouse gases, stated environmental scientist Professor Dr Moazzam Ali Khan in light of World Environment Day being observed today. Dr Khan emphasised that Pakistan’s global contribution towards greenhouse gases is just 0.3% but we are …

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‘Antarctica will be a much greener place in the future’

Plant life is growing on Antarctica like never before in modern times, fueled by global warming which is melting ice and transforming the landscape from white to green, researchers said Thursday. Scientists studying moss in an area spanning 400 miles (640 kilometers) have found a sharp increase in growth over …

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EU envoy opens micro hydro power units in Chitral

The Ambassador of the European Union (EU) Mr Jean-François Cautain, along with Provincial Sports Minister Mehmood Khan and Member of National Assembly Sahazada Iftikhar, inaugurated two Micro Hydro Power (MHP) units, built under the EU-funded PEACE programme to tackle energy crisis in the district. The power plants have been built …

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