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Climate Change

Climate talks

As the Paris Agreement comes into force and negotiations open at the Marrakesh climate talks, we must not ignore the people who are at the front-line of the climate crisis. When we talk about people impacted by the climate crisis, we tend to first consider those impacted by the effects …

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Climate action

For years now, a strange paradox has existed within the Muslim world. On the one hand, Muslims – who represent more than a fifth of the global population – live in some of the regions most affected by the changing climate; from Turkey and the Middle East with their increasingly …

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Key proposal for combating smog ignored

LAHORE: A committee tasked with suggesting ways to control air pollution in Punjab has put to test the federal and provincial governments’ seriousness on the matter by proposing that industrial units allegedly contributing heavily to the problem be closed temporarily, according to sources. The committee was set up by Chief …

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