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Gender Justice

‘Gender inequality taking its toll on females’ health’

The worsening of key indicators related to female health, education and social development is a key issue holding back Pakistan’s ability to meet global targets under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), said experts during a conference at the Aga Khan University (AKU) on Saturday. Pakistan has incorporated 169 targets under …

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Punjab women commission concerned over authentic data on violence

The Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) has showed concerns over obtaining authentic data regarding violence against women in Punjab to complete its annual Punjab Gender Parity report. It is pertinent to mention that two of the annual Punjab Gender Parity reports have been published so far. Punjab Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) is fully …

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Missing — women in national security

The words of distinguished feminist international relations theorist, Ann Tickner, in 1998, “International relations is a man’s world, a world of power and conflict in which warfare is a privileged activity”; is convincing even today. Majority of experts in Pakistan do not look at warfare issues with the gender lens. …

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Women and wages in Pakistan

Women around the globe earn less than men. The global gender pay gap comes to about 22.9 percent, meaning that on average, women earn 77.1 percent of what men earn. The cascading affects of this situation reflects the situation in developing countries like Pakistan. Economic inequality is one of the …

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Violence against women

Equality of all human beings before law, within constitutions, for accessing health and education, for having choices in their personal matters like marriage, birth spacing, sense of dressing, choice of careers etc., for being able to sustain themselves and in remaining safe from being trafficked, smuggled and becoming another statistics …

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Needed — law against dowry

Dowry-related violence that was defined by the UN in 2009 as “any act of violence or harassment associated with the giving or receiving of dowry at any time before, during or after the marriage,” gets, regularly confused with and eventually covered in domestic violence. It is indeed, unquestionably different from …

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US funding Pakistan for gender equality initiatives: CG

American Consul General Grace W. Shelton said on Wednesday that the United States is working on gender equality both domestically and internationally. Americans want to see gender equality policy prevailing in the developing countries since it is a tool of development. The United States is funding these countries, including Pakistan, …

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LADIESFUND raises funds to educate girls

LADIESFUND gathered 150 female professionals and entrepreneurs, representing the pharmaceutical, medical, financial, multinational, art, fashion and beauty industries, as well as several students and young professionals, to network, showcase and observe the work of small to medium-sized enterprise artisans and to raise funds to educate deserving girls. “Young female entrepreneurs …

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