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Gender Justice

US funding Pakistan for gender equality initiatives: CG

American Consul General Grace W. Shelton said on Wednesday that the United States is working on gender equality both domestically and internationally. Americans want to see gender equality policy prevailing in the developing countries since it is a tool of development. The United States is funding these countries, including Pakistan, …

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LADIESFUND raises funds to educate girls

LADIESFUND gathered 150 female professionals and entrepreneurs, representing the pharmaceutical, medical, financial, multinational, art, fashion and beauty industries, as well as several students and young professionals, to network, showcase and observe the work of small to medium-sized enterprise artisans and to raise funds to educate deserving girls. “Young female entrepreneurs …

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Girl Child – to jubilate or bewail, that is the question

No one is incognisant of the pre-Islamic Age of Ignorance and mistreatment faced by the fairer sex in that particular society. From commodification of girls and women alike to burying female infants alive, muliebrity has witnessed a lot. People living in that part of the world had their own reasons …

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International Day of the Girl Child today

International Day of the Girl Child will be observed today (Wednesday) throughout the world. Annually October 11 is the International Day of the Girl Child declared by the United Nations. It was first observed in October 2012. The purpose is to highlight the plight of thousands of girls and provide …

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Where are women going? And how do they get there?

Having a firm sense of direction is not only beneficial on a practical level, but it can also provide a greater sense of coherence and clarity for a whole range of issues. As a feminist, I periodically ask myself about the direction that Pakistan is headed on the issue of …

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Minister lists efforts to protect women

Women Development Department Minister Hameeda Waheeduddin said the promotion of women’s employment was necessary for development and prosperity. She was addressing a seminar on promotion of women’s employment on Tuesday. Representatives of Japan International Cooperation Agency, Ms. Magumi Fujita, Former Chairman, PHMA, Chairman FGCC, Secretary General PTEA Aziz Goher and …

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