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Gender Justice

‘Women on wheel’ an immense step towards gender mainstreaming

Women Empowerment is a prerequisite to achieve sustainable development and prosperity. The province of Punjab cannot make development without involving the women in socio-economic activities and breaking the gender stereotypes. ‘Women on the Wheels’ is an appreciating step towards attaining dream of gender mainstreaming in Punjab and we recognize government’s …

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Govt allocates Rs2.7b for women empowerment

The government has proposed an amount of Rs2.7 billion for women empowerment, and their socio-economic development during the Five Year Plan period from 2013-18. Education, employment and access to information are key parameters, which reflect an overall status of women in the social context. The empowerment of a woman is …

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‘NPB committed to empowering policewomen’

The National Police Bureau (NPB) is committed to empower policewomen, working with the male champions of gender equality within the police organisations and improve police response to the Gender Based Violence crimes. The police women from different organisations across the country including GB and AJK participated in the 8th meeting …

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Empowering women

Pakistan’s population is projected among the fast growing in the world with an estimate of over 180 million people and slightly less than half of its population consists of female. Women are the integral part of any society and have a significant role in socio-economic development. Empowerment of women and …

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Masculinity vs equality

MOST men in the Middle East do not believe in women’s equality. This was what can be concluded from a recent survey conducted by UN Women. The 10,000 respondents who were questioned belonged to Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt. Questions included whether they believed men should get preferential treatment over …

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EU committed to gender equality in partner countries: envoy

Gender equality is included in the priority areas for the European Union in Pakistan, European Union Ambassador Jean Francois Cautain said on Monday. In an interview, Cautain said that gender equality and the fight against violence against women was the core of EU policies in Europe and other partner countries. …

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Women councillors’ caucus launched

Women in Struggle for Empowerment (WISE) launched Local Government Women Councilors’ Caucus at a ceremony at Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Thursday. The event was arranged in collaboration with US Agency for International Development under its Small Grants and Ambassador’s Fund Program (SGAFP). Caucus members, representatives of NGOs …

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The bold voice of humanism: Abeda Iqbal Azad

She was not a Sorojini, not Emily Dickson. Not even Perween Shakir or Meera Bai but Abeda Iqbal Azad was an activist of her own genre—a reason that has made the society of Urdu literature mourn five years after her death on April 20, 2012. If you haven’t heard that …

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UoG holds campaign on gender inequality

The University of Gujrat (UOG) organised a campaign titled “Institutionalisation of Gender Sensitisation on Gender Equity and Parity” to remove gender discrimination from society here at Hafiz Hayat Campus the other day. On the occasion, speakers stressed the need for working together to motivate educated women to play their role …

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