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Rule of Law

Legal eye: The devil and the deep sea?

What should a pro-democracy, pro-accountability, non-partisan Pakistani be rooting for in this contest? Here is the paradox. On the supply side of praetorian interventions has been a civil-military imbalance and desire of praetorians to maintain favourable balance of power even if by subverting the constitution and overthrowing elected governments. On …

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Insight to public procurement in Pakistan

A bird’s eye view from the lawyer’s side Public procurement refers to the purchase by governments and state-owned enterprises of goods, services and works. As public procurement accounts for a substantial portion of the taxpayers’ money, governments are expected to carry it out efficiently and with high standards of conduct …

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Barbed wire

It’s like we grew up with the duty to make life difficult for others, before they could make it difficult for us. June 26 was not a normal day, it was Eid, and like always in Lahore, places of interest like Race Course Park on Jail Road, Fortress Stadium and …

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Judicial activism — not a dirty word

Judicial activism has become a controversial word in Pakistan owing largely to the post lawyers’ movement era of Justice (retd) Iftikhar Chaudhary. However, in its true meaning and spirit, it has a long history of acting as a counter-majoritarian instrument, ensuring rule of law and equality. Earlier this month, Chief …

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Whose fault is it anyway?

Whether the lack of rule of law pushed the Pakistani state towards corruption or the latter ruined the former would likely end up as a chicken or egg debate. It is, though, common sense that rule of law provides a bedrock for good governance. Financial indiscipline or financial embezzlement is …

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Restructuring quotas for FATA

The constitution of 1973 has the provision for a special quota system through which “posts may be reserved for persons belonging to any class or area to secure their adequate representation in the service of Pakistan”. Domicile holders of FATA, due to the region’s poor standard of living, have access …

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‘There sits a judge above…’

Pakistan is a very enigmatic country. It is a land of opportunity for politicians too. Not only that, every Tom, Dick and Harry can easily get away by claiming political martyrdom. One can find dime a dozen born again democrats having basked under the protective wings of dictators, claiming a …

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Larger dimensions

In cosmic terms, wars, pettiness, struggles, as well as endeavours of humans on earth all seem trivial, insignificant and irrelevant. Life on earth often descends to depths of cruelty, fanaticism and brutality. Despite all the depravity and destruction, humans have, nevertheless, achieved spectacular progress in civilisation and knowledge. Human artistic, …

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United Nations Development Programme to help KP overcome uplift issues

As part of the ongoing partnership, the United Nations Deve­l­o­pment Programme (UNDP) and the Khyber Pakh­tun­khwa (KP) government have stressed the need to improve the rule of law, employment, youth engagement and economic development in order to achieve sustainable development in the region. The UNDP and the KP government agreed …

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