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Changing climate

The threats of global warming are probably greater than that possessed by large-scale terrorism. The world can stop or reverse the effects of terrorism but the impact of global warming is unstoppable and irreversible. The fact that nobody is worried about global warming indicates that the public doesn’t have an idea how dreadful climate change can be. The first survey carried out by the Gallup Poll on climate change revealed that although the majority of the people of Pakistan were aware of global warming, only a small percent of them considered it a serious threat. The effects of global warming are now becoming apparent. In 2015, the unbearable heatwave claimed the lives of thousands of the citizens of Karachi. For the current year, the Nasa data has shown that every month of 2016 has been the hottest month recorded.

Global warming is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases. The excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is partially the fault of humans – they burn fossil fuels. The emission of carbon dioxide has been increased significantly in the last 50 years and is still increasing at the rate of 3 percent per year. This has affected global sea levels, ice sheet, ecosystems etc. Climate change could cause hundreds of thousands of deaths by 2050 if left unattended. The government of Pakistan must response to climate change in order to prevent future calamities.

Source: The News

Byline: Malik Suleman Naseem

November 11, 2016

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