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Chitral councillors seek govt support for farmers

CHITRAL: The office-bearers of All Kissan Councillors Ittehad, Chitral, have asked the government to announce a package for promotion of agriculture in the district by Dec 10, warning that in case otherwise they would resign from their council seats.

Addressing a press conference here the other day, the union president Manzur Qadir, vice-president Hameed Ali and others said that they were ignored by the government in allocation of funds for development of agriculture sector.

They said that over 95 per cent households of the district depended on farming for sustenance and the Kissan (peasant) councillors had a great responsibility to take care of the farmers’ welfare.

They regretted that both the agriculture and livestock departments were ignoring them and were not ready to talk to them. The kissan (peasant ) councillors demanded early distribution of free of cost wheat seeds among the local farmers. They also criticised an NGO for withholding free distribution of agricultural kits and seeds provided by UNDP. They called for placing these items at the disposal of the local councillors.

CONVENTION: Speakers said during a convention arranged for school principals here the other day that a major chunk of 82 per cent responsibility of a child rested on his parents, 15 per cent on school and three per cent on the society.

Held under the auspices of Association for Academic Quality, the convention on ‘parental involvement in education’ was addressed by educationists Ahmed Yar and Zulfiqar Ahmed.

The principals were told that maximum involvement of parents must be ensured in the process of education to derive the required results.

They said that by the age of six, a child gained 80 per cent faculty of his intelligence and it depended on the parents to mould the child in the right direction.

Source: Dawn

Byline: Correspondent

November 25th, 2016

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