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City Council demands Rs500bn from Sindh, federal govts

The City Council unanimously passed a resolution on Wednesday to demand that the federal and Sindh governments immediately release a package of Rs500 billion to improve the infrastructure of Karachi.

The resolution was presented by Mohammad Junaid Mukati of the Jamaat-e-Islami. He demanded that through the funds, basic civic facilities be provided to the metropolis. During the session presided over by Deputy Mayor Dr Arshad Vohra, nine resolutions were moved and eight of them were unanimously passed.

The resolutions included conducting immediate fumigation across the city, repairing and maintenance of fire brigade vehicles, and rehabilitation of the road from Gulbai to PAF Base Masroor Gate No 1 near Hawkesbay.

Mukati’s another resolution that was passed unanimously demanded that the mayor and deputy mayor get the city immediately fumigated to save the citizens from dengue fever and other diseases. The opposition council members censured Mayor Waseem Akhtar, saying he had failed to fulfil his responsibilities.

Karamullah Waqasi and Aman Afridi’s resolution that was unanimously passed sought development funds for union committees. It said the role of the bodies was very important in the local government, and the union committee chairman was accountable to the people.

The motion said that no funds had been provided to the union committees in the past 20 months, and that the problems of their respective areas were multiplying. It also said that due to shortage of funds, the district municipal corporations were unable to fulfil their responsibilities. Waqasi said he had contacted the mayor four times but he received no response. At this point, the opposition shouted out that the mayor was least bothered to even attend the session of the City Council.

Mohammad Arif Khan Advocate of the treasury benches lamented that the situation was so pathetic that the chairman and deputy chairmen did not even have offices to work, demanding that the mayor make efforts in this regard. His speech resulted in thumping of desks on both the treasury and the opposition benches. He pointed out that without offices for the elected representatives, no work could be carried out. He demanded to know how long they would be without offices.

Waqasi’s another resolution that was unanimously passed highlighted that the colony at PAF Base Masroor Gate No 1 was in a horrible condition from Gulbai to Hawkesbay. It said that during the recent rains, the people of the area were forced to brave many problems.

Abida Sultana and Gul Naz Fatima’s resolution that was unanimously passed pertained to the Beach Park entry fee through an auction that was fixed for Rs6.1 million on July 3. The motion demanded that the auction’s proposed fee be sent to the auction committee for recommendation.

Another resolution that was unanimously passed pertained to the entry fee of Gulshan-e-Jinnah Ground through an auction on July 3 that was fixed at Rs1.25 million, and demanded that the auction fee should be again sent to the parks committee.

Shahina Sohail’s resolution that was unanimously passed demanded sending to the auction committee regarding the Hill Park entry fee that came through an auction fixed at Rs2.5 million for approval.

The City Council also unanimously passed a resolution for setting up the Citizens’ Complaint Information System, demanding that the municipal commissioner be sent a recommendation in this regard.

Mohiuddin, Fasahat. City Council demands Rs500bn from Sindh, federal govts. The News, September 28, 2017.

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