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Development of Agriculture in Balochistan

Recently, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and USAID has established that around eight hundred community organisations in Baluchistan would work to increase the production, sale and revenues from crops and livestock where around 826 community organisations have helped to improve the incomes for 16,000 households in the province. It encompassed the agricultural development activities in eight districts of Balochistan and Fata.

It shows that the government of Baluchistan and local people would take several opportunities from such an attractive partnership with the USAID and by which farmers would learn about the new techniques, better breeds of livestock, seeds, and water management techniques in the province. As the project can increase the participation of the women in their income-earning activities to improve the provincial agricultural policies which hosted a joint event in Islamabad to mark the completion of a $32 million USAID-funded Balochistan agriculture project in the province.

Source: The Nation

Byline: Shakeel Phullan

November 21, 2016

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