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Disaster hit Chitral will be fully supported by UNDP, Norway

Natural calamity hit Chitral and other parts of Malakand Division will be fully supported by United Nation Development Program (UNDP) said UNDP Country Director Ignacio Artaza during the visit of different affected areas of Chitral.

He along with Assistant country Director Amanullah Khan, Disaster Risk Management specialist Muhi Usamah, UNDP communications officer Shuja Hakim, Advisor Norway Embassy Naufil Naseer, first secretary Development of Norway Embassy Tom Jorgen visited Hashoo Foundation and different rehabilitation and soft schemes by HF running with the financial support of UNDP and Norwegian people through their embassy.

Earlier that they were briefed by Shamsuddin and Khalid at Hashoo Foundation main office regarding different ongoing schemes for youth (training)  as well as  rehabilitation and construction schemes to protect the area with the financial support of UNDP.

The donors visited Ochosht, Zargarandeh, Mughulandeh, Balach, Moldeh and other villages where there HF is constructing protection wall through financial support of UNDP and Norway government.  As well as they  are also rendering training to men and women in disaster risk management to save the victims and besieged people in buildings after flood or earthquake.

The team members expressed their pleasure on the best exercise and practical demonstration by volunteers team of HF on how to rescue stranded people and to evacuate them from inside the debris.

They also visited a village situated near governor cottage where people of the area requested the team for construction of stairs and protection wall towards flood nullah. People of Chitral thanked them and requested to continue their support to this backwards and calamity-hit area.

Responding to a question regarding alternate fuel in Chitral to save the area from de-forestation, the Country Director said that UNDP must discuss the issue with local community through the executing NGOs to solve this issue  and  protect forest from cutting because due to non-availability of natural gas in Chitral people use forced to use  wood for cooking and heating purposes.

First Secretary at Norwegian Embassy Tom Jorgen assured that the Norway people and Govt will continue their financial support to the people of Chitral to improve their life standard by giving them training in different skills as well as in rehabilitation and developmental schemes too. He expressed his great pleasure on the warmly welcome of people of  Chitral and their hospitality as well as the exemplary peaceful place in the world and conveyed his message to foreign  tourists that they  must come here and enjoy this loving, hospitable and peaceful environment of Chitral.

Source: Pakistan Today

Byline: INP

November 24, 2016

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