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District Education Authority to be set-up in Punjab from 2017

The Education department has ordered to set-up District Education Authority from January 2017 in all the 36 districts of Punjab including Rawalpindi to control the educational system in province.

According to sources, the district Mayor or councilor of relevant district will be appointed the head of district education authority, while the bureaucrat of relevant district will be CEO Chief Executive officer. The districts bigger in size will be comprising of 11 members, while the smaller districts will be allowed to keep 7-9 members.

According to SOPS, a member will be comprised of retired judge, education officials, and NGOS representatives.

The authority will be having complete powers as it could hire teachers, sack teachers, demolish old schools and build new schools as well. The authority will have the power to create news seats for non-teaching staff along with selling acquisition and privatizing school.

After the district Education Authority will be established all the administrative problems relating schools and teachers would be overcome.

Source: Online News International

Byline: Reporter

December 17, 2016

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