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Early detection imperative for dealing with breast cancer: seminar

Speakers at a seminar on Thursday stressed the need for united efforts for eliminating breast cancer.

The seminar was organised by Peaceful Pakistan to raise awareness about breast cancer at Arfa Karim IT Tower.

MPA Bushra Butt and Dr Tayyaba Wasim spoke on occasion. Students from variouis educational institutions were also present on occasion.

MPA Bushra Butt said that mother’s milk was the most important part for an infants’ diet. “There is a need to raise awareness among mothers regarding the importance of the issue. Educationists, medical practitioners and the media should focus on educating the women on the causes, treatment and prevention of breast cancer,” she said.

She spoke about the efforts of the government of Punjab in promoting healthy well-being among women. “The Punjab government is dedicated towards educating women on health issues to prevent prevailing diseases like breast cancer. Special preference is being given to promoting breastfeeding through various campaigns since it is one of the major sources of preventing breast cancer. Through various programmes, the government of Punjab is reaching out to women in far-fetched areas. The government is also encouraging daycare centers at work place to facilitate breastfeeding mothers,” she said.

She said that women were the future of the nation.

Dr Tayyaba Wasim delivered an informative session on breast cancer awareness. “Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer in women, and the second main cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer. It is believed that every year, one million women are diagnosed with breast cancer making it prevalent in Pakistan. The need to build awareness and help other women take preventive measures is a vital necessity,” she said.


She further encouraged the audience to get regular check-ups and build the habit of self-examination to save themselves from the ailment.

Myra Qureshi, CEO Co-Natural, concluded the event with a presentation on theco-relation of cancer and non-organic cosmetics. She said that several whitening creams, lipsticks and shampoos containing particulars spreading different cancers. She added that these particulars including lead, sulphate and many others which are very dangerous to human health. But the dilemma is that out people including several educated youth are using very costly cosmetics without any particular knowledge about these toxic chemicals, she added.

Talking to Daily Times, Marian Joseph said that Peaceful Pakistan was a government initiative to promote a peaceful narrative and anti-extremism discourse in Pakistan while endorsing peaceful coexistence, interfaith harmony, and national unity. She said that it aimed at promoting harmony and patriotism. “For this purpose we need people’s support,” she said.

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