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Education in CSS

CSS exam is considered the mother of all exams in Pakistan. In CSS; candidates are scrutinized by examiners at all levels of knowledge and ability. During this exam individual’s own ability, creativity and innovation are judged. The more focus is given to candidates own point of view rather than standard ideas.
Every year, thousands of candidates across the country participate in CSS exams, but, unfortunately, a few are finally selected against vacant posts. It is a matter of immense grave that the majority of candidates even cannot qualify a written test. 2016 results show that out of 9,643 candidates, who appeared in the competitive exam, only 202 could pass the written test. It is considered the worst result in the history of CSS exams in Pakistan and it led a barrange of criticism directed against the FPSC for its strict policies.
According to a report, 80% candidates who qualify CSS exams are foreign-qualified candidates and only 20% are educated in Pakistan. It shows a striking difference between education systems of Pakistan and other countries. Instead of blaming FPSC, there is urgent need to reform our education system. There are weaknesses in our education system which is the cause of failure of education system. Firstly, the education system in Pakistan from primary to university level is based on rata, just memorizing things and writes them down on papers as it is written in books. Secondly, syllabus terribly hinders the creative skills among students. There is a lack of activities where students can show their own ability and creativity. Thirdly, students are not trained as an independent thinking lot; they are bound to follow whatever teacher or specific book tells them.

Source: Pakistan Observer

Byline: Madad Sabri

November 20, 2016

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