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EU envoy lauds role of community organizations women leaders

A meeting of the leaders of Village Organisations (VOs) was held Tuesday at the Imam Bux Mallah village of Union Council Mohenjo Daro, Taluka Dokri(Larkana) which attended, among others, by Jean-François Cautain, Ambassador of the European Union to Pakistan, and his wife, Mrs. Sonia Cautain.
During the meeting, the local women leaders apprised the guests about the performance of their organizations, their achievements, so far, and their aspirations and dreams.
The women leaders were representing around a hundred Community Organizations formed by Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) as part of the European Union funded SUCCESS Programme.
Sharing their experiences, they said that by actively engaging in the development of their Goths, and area, they feel more empowered and confident.
The women leaders said that their strength has grown by coming together and working an organized manner.
Several women also shared stories of their resilience in the face of all the odds. The women leaders said that by confidently and positively explaining the purpose of joining the Community Organizations to their family members, they have been able to garner support for the development of their villages.
Speaking at the occasion EU Ambassador Cautain expressed his pleasure on seeing the progress made under the SUCCESS Programme in a short span of time.
He remarked that the people of Europe will be satisfied to know that their tax money is being used by motivated and energetic women leaders to change the lives of tens of thousands of people.
He said that the work done by the women leaders in a short span of time is inspirational, and that he is impressed.
The meeting was attended among others by Mrs. Sonia Cautain, Muhammad Dittal Kalhoro, Dr. Shereen Narejo, Ms. Shandana Khan, Assistant Commissioner Dokri, and Fazal Ali Saadi, Programme Manager SUCCESS-RSPN.
The participants actively engaged in an interactive discussion in which many important aspects of life, society and change in the area came under discussion.

Source: Pakistan Observer

Byline: APP

December 14, 2016

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