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‘Gender-based violence threat to public spaces, schools’


The gender-based violence is a consistent threat to public spaces, schools, and homes and is detriment to the universal human right to education.

This was stated by chairperson of Shirakat, an NGO, Balqees Tahira accompanied by other human rights activists, Dr Rubina, Dr Fatma Ali, Sajjad Akbar and others while addressing a press conference here on the eve of International Human Rights Day.

She said that textbooks be rewritten as the result of thorough analysis to discourage violence and to promote values of peace and harmony as well as positive masculinities.

She said that media had already been engaged in playing a critical role as it has a wider reach in the community and in ensuring that the public was educated, informed and encouraged to be active citizens who could be counted on to actively create safer homes, communities and society.

Balqees Tahira said increased participation and engagement of men and boys to ensure collective responsibility of all members of society in the prevention of violence against women and children. The sports fraternity can also support the process.

She said the state prevents, investigates and punishes gender-based violence by non-state actors in conflict-affected areas, including by adopting specific investigative procedures, gender-sensitive training and codes of conduct for police, military, lawyers, magistrates, psychologists and health professionals.

She said that all pro-women legislation be implemented in its true spirit and a monitoring mechanism needed to be established by the relevant authorities so that victims get justice without delay. That institutional, legal, political and social barrier has to be removed, she added.

The theme of this year’s campaign is “From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Make Education Safe for All”. This theme recognises; structural discrimination and inequality is perpetuated in a cycle of violence that does not end even when girls and young women are gaining education.

Source: The Nation

Byline: INP

December 10, 2016


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