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Govt keeps repatriating TDPs to N Waziristan

Amidst cold weather and with absence of basic amenities, the repatriation of Temporary Displaced People (TDP’s) to different parts, particularly to Mirali Tehsil of North Waziristan is in progress.

In connection with its efforts of early rehabilitating of displaced people, the government has decided starting repatriation of tribesmen sheltering in Khost province, Afghanistan from January 15 next.

So far 80 per cent of TDP’s have been repatriated whereas the remaining 20 per cent including those who have crossed the border towards Khost their repatriation will be completed in coming months.

The officials in Federally Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA) Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) informed that around 1200 families will be repatriated to Mirali surrounding villages by January 12 next. So far repatriation of TDP’s is in progress to villages like Mosaki, Haider Khel, Hurmaz, Eppi and others. On completion of repatriation to surrounding villages, dwellers will be allowed to return to their homes in Mirali town, remarked an official.

Leading tribal elder Pir Aqil Zaman while talking to this correspondent has confirmed the repatriation of maximum TDP’s to their homes and hamlets throughout North Waziristan. “Around 80 per cent people returned to homes,” he remarked, adding, “Remaining 20 per cent also included those sheltering in Khost province of Afghanistan, bordering with North Waziristan Agency.

Pir Aqil Zaman informed that the government in principal agreed with repatriation of Afghanistan sheltered tribesmen from North Waziristan. First ever group of such people, comprising 200 individuals likely to reach back on January 15 next, he said. He further said that strength of such families, sheltering in Afghanistan was ranging from 30,000 to 35,000 families.

The tribal elder has also confirmed re-opening of closed educational and health institutions in the areas where TDP’s have been repatriated. But he complained about inadequate facilities and services, specially doctors, paramedics and medicines in such institutions. Similarly, he said the people also lacking proper living infrastructure including clean drinking water in their villages.

Overall security situation is also satisfactory in Miranshah and Mirali subdivisions of North Waziristan where security forces established check posts and check points. According to government policies, survey and scrutiny of human and property losses before and during military action Zarb-e-Azab is also in progress, with a view to compensate the affected tribesmen.

FDMA Deputy Director Mian Adil Zahoor said that more than 75,000 families out of 104,000, displaced during military action Zarb-e-Azab have been repatriated. However, the rough weather and chilling cold created some hurdles in repatriation of TDP’s to Shawal Valley and other snow covered mountainous regions. He said that along with repatriation, political administration was also engaged in provision of due amenities to these tribesmen.

Citation: Shahid,Shamim. Govt keeps repatriating TDPs to N Waziristan. Pakistan Today, January 6, 2016.

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