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Hyderabad faces shortage of potable water

Water crisis has intensified in various areas of Hyderabad, Latifabad and Qasimabad forcing the locals to stand in long queues for water.

The motor pumps have also been reported to be out of order for quite a long time. However the local administration has not taken any concrete step to resolve the crisis so far.

The residents of different areas have said that they are facing water dearth for two months, but no one from the government has visited the affected areas despite several complaints.

People are complaining about contaminated drinking water and poor sewerage system in several localities in the city. The water supplied by the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) is highly turbid and at times containing sewage.

While Talking to APP here on Tuesday, Muhammad Ashfaq Qureshi resident

of Latifabad Unit-8 said that the muddy and hazardous water was causing dysentery and other abdominal diseases.

“Even after boiling, this water is not fit for drinking,” he pointed out.

He said that when he complained about the problem, Wasa officials said that almost the entire sewerage system in the district had been damaged and sewage was seeping into water supply lines.

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