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International conference on agriculture begins at SAU

A two-day “International Conference on Agriculture, Food and Animal Sciences (ICAFAS-2017)” began on Tuesday at Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam with the slogan of “promoting sustainable agriculture for food security”.

The event attracted around 300 delegates, including world renowned scholars, researchers, academia from leading unive rsities of Pakistan and some selected experts from Germany, China, the US, Malaysia and other countries, who will give presentations and research papers during the conference.

Sindh Health Minister Dr Sikandar Ali Mandhro in his opening address said: “Climate change and weather pattern are major challenges, affecting agriculture products and impacting food security the world over.”

“We have to take initiatives to find solution to avert these problems through conducting new researches as per the environmental condition in the country here.” For this, he said, the Sindh Agriculture University has strength for leading research projects on agriculture, food security and animal sciences, which may give solution to cope with these challenges. Mandhro said that he has discussed with the SAU vice chancellor to launch a joint potential project for benefiting medical sciences and agriculture, animal and plants science to benefit the province, recognising the role of SAU in research and producing learned cadre.

He lauded the role of SAU for bringing together experts in different fields mostly food and agriculture and researches from the country and abroad through organising this international conference.  This kind of interaction within experts will definitely give a way to understand each other and resolve the problems being faced here in agriculture economy and food resources. Research activities by the agriculture university on diseases of animals, plants and crops will benefit the country, especially Sindh, which is facing these challenges, he added.

He assured the university to extend support in establishing center for excellence in agriculture science.  Mandhro said that he will discuss these suggestions with the Sindh government officials for providing funds needed for promoting research. In his address of welcome, SAU Vice Chancellor Dr Mujeebuddin Memon Sehrai said: “Pakistan is blessed with four seasons, rich resources with plenty of food, fertile and productive agriculture lands, oceans, generating wind power and many more, but when we see the status of poverty it was clear that we are unable to utilise these natural resources.”

He expressed the hope that this conference will produce more through discussions within leading researchers on food, agriculture and natural resources.  These conferences will be a regular feature of this university to give benefits to farmers, agriculture graduates, students and researchers, he added. “We have to advocate the sustainability of agriculture and food security, keeping in mind the communities,” he said.

He also talked about the running projects such as agriculture growth and other initiatives, which will benefit the university in the promotion of research activities.

Khaskheli, Jan. International conference on agriculture begins at SAU. The News, January 11, 2017.

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