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Legislation to control hepatitis being planned

Punjab Minister for Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Khwaja Salman Rafique says the Punjab Hepatitis Prevention and Control Act of 2017 is being introduced for which a draft law has been prepared.

He stated this at a meeting in the office of the secretary of the primary and secondary healthcare on Saturday.

Consultant of the Law Department Dr Mohsin Abbas briefed the participants regarding the draft law. The stakeholders expressed their viewpoint on the proposed bill.

The draft law has encircled all the important aspects and points such as the introduction of auto-distractive syringes, hospital waste management, dialysis, surgeries, organs transplantation, elimination of quackery, safe blood transfusion, training and capacity building of barbers, use of sterilized instruments, awareness, health education and vaccination of exposed and vulnerable segments of society.

Mr Rafique said that quackery was the major cause of spreading infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, C and HIV AIDS. He said that a sever crackdown was needed to eliminate quackery from the streets and roads for which strengthening of Punjab Healthcare Commission was also very important.

He said that there is a need for behavioral changes for which health education and awareness among the masses was the need of hour.

Source: Dawn

Byline: Newspaper Reporter

December 25, 2016

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