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‘Local govt doctors awaiting promotion for 16 years’

Doctors and paramedics working with Punjab Local Government and Community Development have not received promotions for 16 years due to frequent changes in the province’s local government systems, a convention of local government doctors said on Sunday.

The convention was attended by PML-N MNA Malik Abrar, local PML-N leader Dr Jamal Nasir and MPAs Raja Hanif, Shaukat Aziz Bhatti, Iftikhar Malik, Zaibun Nisa, Tehseen Fawad and Bushra Ansar.

In the presence of the ruling PML-N leadership, the doctors demanded that the provincial government improve service infrastructure and increase salaries of doctors and paramedics employed by the local government department.

Dr Ansar Ishaq said after the change in the province’s local government system, the government should revive dispensaries in union councils since most of them lack doctors and paramedics.

He said there are 225 vacant posts for doctors and paramedical staff at local dispensaries, which have been vacant for last five years and have been ignored by the provincial government.

“In 2007, the doctors from the local government department were given district officer status but they have not been promoted to the next grade. Five doctors retired this year but are without pensions,” he said.

He said local government doctors had been in BPS-17 for 16 years, and need to be promoted according to the government policy.

Mr Abrar assured the doctors that public representatives would raise their voices in the provincial and national assemblies, and the Punjab government would soon resolve their issues.

Reporter. ‘Local govt doctors awaiting promotion for 16 years’. Dawn, May 15, 2017.

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