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‘NPB committed to empowering policewomen’

The National Police Bureau (NPB) is committed to empower policewomen, working with the male champions of gender equality within the police organisations and improve police response to the Gender Based Violence crimes.

The police women from different organisations across the country including GB and AJK participated in the 8th meeting of Board of Directors of the Women Police Forum (WPF) and shared their views on data necessities, mentoring requirements of police women and gender related dimensions of policing in Pakistan.

Ishfaq Ahmed, the Director of Gender Crime Cell gave an overview of the functions of the NPB’s Gender Crime Cell and appreciated the efforts of Gender Responsive Policing Phase-III, a project of the INL and the NPB.

He acknowledged the zeal of the women directors and emphasized on the benefits of their heightened professional standards. Police works in an in a resource constraint environment but still determined to promote gender responsive policing, he observed.

The President of the Board, Helena Saeed, currently the senior most police woman in Pakistan addressed the opening session of the meeting. She highlighted the relevance of women in policing in the peculiar context of Pakistan and the preconditions of capacity building of women in police and gender sensitive work places. She strongly urged the women in police to believe in themselves and address the external threats professionally.

The Director General NPB, Iqbal Mehmood, chaired the closing session of the meeting.

He strongly endorsed gender mainstreaming and stated that the National Police Bureau is committed to improve police response to the gender based violence crimes by empowering women in police through concentrating on strategic advocacy for an enabling environment.

The success indicators for this advocacy would be the increased number of women in police and their representation. He underscored the inescapability of working with the male champions of gender equality within the police organizations, eliminating the urban bias from the policy and practices in police system and conducting consultations with a broader group of stakeholders and duty bearers to generate an improved police response to the crimes against women and girls.

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