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Pakistan hopes for UNDP aid in setting up institutions under Climate Change Act

Federal Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid on Tuesday said the country and his ministry would welcome any help from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for setting up three institutions under the newly approved Climate Change Act.

This was disclosed during a meeting between Hamid and Secretary General and UNDP Regional Director, Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific Haoling Xu.

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Hamid said that Pakistan was an energy deficit country, a factor which was affecting growth. Hence, overcoming the energy crises was a top priority. While coal power plants provide the quickest way to overcome the energy deficit, these plants are according to the environmental quality standards set by the provincial environmental protection agencies. In the long-term, however, the minister said that they were developing hydropower and wind energy projects to meet energy requirements.

“We have established biggest solar energy park of 1,000 MW,” he said.

He also told the delegation that Pakistan already has a Climate Change Policy and framework for its implementation. The institutions which will be established under the newly passed Climate Change Act would help implement the policy. “We will welcome any support from the United Nations Development Programme in setting up these institutions under this Climate Change Act. UNDP can help in arranging donor conferences to secure funds for the climate change fund under the act,” Hamid said.

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Xu said that the UNDP was providing its input by helping things get done for governments.

“We not only want to be a trusted partner but also a service provider. We can offer our help in technical and operational departments to implement things,” Xu said. He also highlighted that Pakistan is the first country in the region to secure the Green Climate Fund. The meeting was attended by UNDP Country Resident Neil Buhne, Additional Secretary Abdul Lateef and Environment Director General Irfan Tariq.

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