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Peshawar farmers want supply of irrigation water restored

The farmers of various localities of Peshawar have asked the provincial government to release irrigation water in the local canals otherwise they will be unable to grow crops and vegetables.

The representatives of farmers including Liaquat Ali, Murtaza Khan and Hafiz Nadeem in a statement here on Sunday said that irrigation department had announced that de-siltation process of local water canals would be carried out from Jan 10 to Feb 20 but it failed to honour its promise.

They said that standing crops in different villages like Pakha Ghulam, Samar Bagh, Garhi Baloch, Chabian Kallay, Garhi Ghulam Rasool, Shahpur,Sardar Garhi, Kalokhel, Nasir Pur, Jhagra, Tarnab Farm and Taro Jaba were suffered by closure of canals. They said that farmers would suffer huge losses if supply of irrigation water was restored.

The farmers said that officials of irrigation department were least bothered to pay a visit to the affected areas to know the problems of the growers. They said that people were paying water tax regularly but they were deprived of the basic need for crops.

They said that on one hand the government was asking farmers to increase produce of crops and on the other it deprived them of irrigation water.

They said that proper time of irrigation of crops and vegetables was about to pass. “In case of losses to farmers, entire responsibility would rest with minister for irrigation and officials of irrigation department,” they added.

The farmers also complained that government was not providing interest-free agriculture loan to growers.

They stressed the need for close liaison between government departments and farmers to ensure increase of agriculture produce in the province, especially in Peshawar.

The farmers also opposed use of agricultural land for constructing buildings.

They demanded of Chief Minister Pervez Khattak to take notice of the situation and help the growers by ordering release of irrigation water in canals.

Bureau Report. Peshawar farmers want supply of irrigation water restored. Dawn, March 6, 2017.

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