Rain and chaos

At least three people have been killed and seven wounded after the second spell of rain hit Balochistan on January 24. The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) work was not visible anywhere in the province. The Met department had timely predicted heavy rainfall in the region, but nothing was done on the provincial level to prevent the large-scale destruction caused by the heavy rain. According to some media reports, heavy machinery has now been positioned in the affected areas. In the same way, heavy snowfall in Chitral has affected the lives of the people. The Lowari tunnel has been closed for traffic because of heavy snow fall. This has caused great inconvenience for commuters. The KP government must look into this issue and resolve it on an immediate basis.

The same is the case with mega cities like Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar where timely measures are not taken to pump out stagnant water on roads. Precautionary steps should be taken by the NDMA and the PDMA to minimise losses. The federal government as well as provincial governments must ensure that proper plans are enforced to tackle the destruction caused by rains in the most efficient and quick manner.

Akbar, Riaz. Rain and chaos. The News, January 26, 2017.

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