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Rawalpindi teachers to protest new education policy

The District Teachers Union while opposing the provincial government’s new education policy has announced to completely boycott all academic activities in protest.

Talking to The Nation on Monday, President Rawalpindi Teachers Association Raja Shahid Mubarak said that the provincial government’s new education policies are unacceptable to teachers and the district association will join the protest on provincial level announced by the union.

Punjab Teachers Union has announced protest on February 2 to oppose the new education policies of the government. “Classes will be boycotted and no staff member will participate in any academic activity,” said Shahid Mubarak.

According to him, the provincial government has introduced strict discriminatory policies against teachers which are completely unfair.

He said according to the new policy, if a teacher fails to ensure 95 per cent attendance then he will be punished.

He also said that teachers have also been given the responsibility of raising the enrollment level by bringing out of school children in schools. According to him, the new policies have put the staff members under immense pressure and it is difficult for them to work.

The monitoring system of teachers’ performance is also not transparent as the role of staff member has been completely neglected in the new policy.

Reporter. Rawalpindi teachers to protest new education policy. The Nation, January 31, 2017.


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