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Role of Pakistani Youth in Saving Environment

Role of youth and its significance in development of any area is irrefutable. Saving our environment and dealing with climate change is a phenomenon which is going to have an impact on the future generations. Therefore, contribution of youth would have an enormous impact if they realized the importance of conserving our environment.

Due to lack of resources and experience to start large scale projects, youth can play vital role in initiating small level projects such as spreading awareness, environment friendly campaigns providing innovative ideas to save environment at domestic level such as dealing with electricity shortage by minimizing its use, using fuel efficient cooking devices, recycling papers and bottles. Reducing the use of plastic, minimizing the wastage of water and other natural resources, keeping environment clean etc.

Pakistani youth has this enthusiasm and energy to play their pivotal role in dealing with consequences of climate change and bringing up new strategies to save environment and taking a step towards cleaner surroundings. Pakistan is a country where most of the population is living below poverty line residing in rural areas of Pakistan.

They are not getting the basic necessities of life such as food and health facilities and most of the youth indulges in labor work to support their families. Government needs to take initiative to provide them the basic necessities so that they can pursue their studies and contribute their talent and energy for betterment of the country, and towards saving their environment as well.

Recently, Karachi residents planted 100,000 trees and set a world record, this action was taken at an extensive level as a reaction to massive deaths in Karachi due to severe heat wave in July. It was quite an effort to spread awareness regarding climate change and dealing with the factors that trigger these extremities occurring due to climate change. Youth participation was witnessed in this battle against this extreme weather brought by climate change.

Government needs to empower youth by providing them resources and platforms to spread awareness and come up with massive action plans by joining hands and taking extreme measures. Youth has been playing very constructive role in rehabilitation of flood affected people and been working for their relief to great extent.

Schools need to incorporate such activities in their courses to promote love for nature in students from very young age. Colleges and universities as well as professional youth should be brought to mainstream projects where they can show their abilities in this sector.

Role of women cannot be undermined in this regard. Women should start this from domestic level by creating awareness amongst their children and families. Wastage of natural resources such as water and gas should be condemned; use of plastic bottles and shopping bags should be minimized. Such measures need to be taken at the domestic level.

Youth has a lot of potential and they need to be brought on track by providing them the resources and platforms where they can use their creativity and energies towards better environment friendly activities and come up with innovative strategies for the conservation of environment. Internationally, such activities should be promoted where they get a chance to interact with one another and join hands in combating climate change and its effects in a better way.

Source: Voice of Journalists

December 24, 2016

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