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Rs7 billion fund sought for PIMS, Polyclinic

The Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) has sought around Rs7 billion budgetary allocations for the current and future projects of Islamabad Capital Territory’s health sector in the next fiscal year.

The CADD oversees healthcare, education and social development in Islamabad’s urban and rural areas in the post-decentralisation regime.As the end of the current financial year is just three months away, all federal government departments are submitting proposals for the 2017-18 funding of their current and ongoing projects and those of organisations overseen by them, to the finance division for consideration and approval.

According to an official in the know, most of the Rs6.9 billion funds sought by the CADD from the Public Sector Development Progranme 2017-18 are for the city’s two largest government hospitals, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Federal Government Polyclinic.

In total, Rs3.79 billion is for 10 Polyclinic projects and Rs3.11 billion for nine PIMS’s.Of these funds, Rs2 billion is sought for the Polyclinic extension, Rs1 billion for the Federal Medical and Dental College development, Rs890 million for PIMS cardiac centre extension, Rs50 million for PIMS neuroscience centre’s establishment, Rs35 million for Polyclinic maternal child healthcare centre, Rs21 million for PIMS haematology centre, and Rs19 for PIMS non-radiation diagnostic centre’s up-gradation.

Reporter. Rs7 billion fund sought for PIMS, Polyclinic. The News, April 3, 2017.

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