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Shangla LG members threaten agitation

SHANGLA: Members of Shangla district council on Tuesday warned they would agitate if the provincial government and district administration didn’t use funds meant for the rehabilitation of flood-affected areas with their consultation.

The warning was issued jointly by treasury and opposition councillors after a meeting at the PTDC motel in Bisham here.

The councillors said they had formed an alliance at the district council level to jointly work for the development and prosperity of the people in the district rising above their political differences.

Sher Ali Khan demanded the PTI’s provincial government and lawmakers spend development funds across the province in consultation with the relevant members of local bodies.

“We’ll begin a protest movement if Shangla district council is not taken into confidence about the utilisation of funds for the rehabilitation of people in flood-hit areas,” he said.

The councillor said natural disasters and militant attacks over the last few years had played havoc with Shangla to the misery of local residents.

He insisted the provincial government had provided funds for the restoration of Shangla’s damaged infrastructure but PTI lawmakers were using them to serve political ends.

The Pakistan Muslim League councillors said the district council was an elected institution and represented the entire population of Shangla and therefore, the provincial government and district administration should take it on board about the utilisation of funds.

They said the bypassing of district council on the funds utilisation was a clear violation of the Local Government Act 2013 and that they could go to any extent for ‘snatching’ the rights of the residents of Shangla from the provincial government and district administration.

Source: Dawn

Byline: Correspondent

November 23rd, 2016

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