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Sindh govt tightens its control over funds for civic bodies

KARACHI: The provincial government has directed Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and all District Municipal Corporations (DMCs) that it is prerequisite for them to submit a written demand for funds in future.

This decision has been taken by the government of Sindh under the new setup of Financial Control of Funds. It added that the requests for pension, salary and other expenses should be made to Auditor District Financial Officers (ADFA) before their release by Finance Department.

This is for the first time that this new formula has been adopted to control and check the outflow of funds. Though, the release of Zila Tax and Octrio from Federal Government to Sindh government for further disbursement to civic bodies has become questionable.

Earlier, KMC receives these taxes from the government of Sindh directly and release to DMCs, Towns and Union Councils according to their respective demands for funds. But the government of Sindh later started direct releasing of funds to DMCs, Union Councils, and other civic bodies.

KMC’s Sajjan Labour Union President Zulfiqar Shah termed this step of the provincial government tantamount to destabilize financial position of KMC and other civic bodies.

“We faced difficulties in getting salaries and pensions in past and this new tactic will add salt to our injuries,” he added. It is to be noted that Sindh government has already taken away the control of funds from local tax department, property tax, transport and excise and taxation departments.

This would cause a deadlock to development works and salaries of the different local government employees, an official of KMC said. Sindh government’s new set up of a separate ‘Projects Directorate’ is functional under direct supervision of Sindh Local Government Department.

The directorate is now controlling financial and administrative powers of mega development projects amounting to Rs 9 billon besides controlling annual development projects of civic bodies. Sindh government will now take control of the annual funds of Rs 5.918 billion, which were being allocated to all civic bodies.

Byline: Aslam Shah

Source: Daily Times

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