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The export industry

Rice production in Pakistan holds an important position in agriculture and the national economy. The country is the world’s 4th largest producer of rice. It is the second largest export commodity after textile placing Pakistan in the top five rice exporting countries of the world. Rice is the third largest crop after wheat and cotton which is grown over 10 percent of the total cropped area. Rice is highly valued cash crop and it accounts for 6.7 percent in value added in agriculture and 1.6 percent in the GDP. Pakistan grows enough high quality rice to meet both domestic demand and allow for exports of around one million ton per annum.

Unfortunately, the rice export industry has been facing severe suffering since the last couple of years and unable to compete in the world market due to which its exports were in decline. The present PML-N government has taken many good measures to strengthen the country’s economy including a successful completion of the IMF program, relief packages for the textile sector and the Kisan package for the agriculture sector. In the same way, the government should make some arrangements to enhance rice exports. The export of rice will not only bring more foreign exchange into the country but the domestic rice industry will also overcome the crisis.

Ahmed, Mansoor. The export industry. The News, January 26, 2017.

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