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Thousands of women suffer from obstetric fistula every year

One of the most serious injuries of childbirth, obstetric fistula is a hole in the birth canal caused by prolonged, obstructed labour due to the lack of timely and adequate medical care. Moreover ill practiced midwives particularly in the far flung areas are also responsible for this untoward situation. These views were shared in a media briefing organized by the ‘Pakistan National Forum on women’s health’ at Peshawar press club on Monday. 23rd May is marked as the international day for obstetric fistula and hence celebrated annually to generate awareness regarding the lethality of the disease and preventive measures to mitigate this disease. Speaking on the occasion prof. Mir Alam Jan senior urologist said that the obstetric fistula is a social as well as clinical disease which shows the ignorance of knowledge on the part of both the wife and husband, which becomes explicit when they frequently resort to the traditional way of treatment at the hand of ill practiced midwives. He added that victims of obstetric fistula are usually among the hardest to reach, and are often illiterate and with limited access to health services, including maternal and reproductive health care. “Obstetric fistula has been virtually eliminated in industrialized nations, as it is preventable and, in most cases can be surgically repaired, however an estimated three thousand to five thousand new cases develop each year”. He maintained. Dr. Alam insisted that the people should consult with professional gynecologists for proper checkup of pregnant women. Dr. Mir Alam Jan said ‘fistula foundation’ an offshoot of UNFA provides all the funding to the multiple projects launched by the Pakistan National Forum on women’s health to curb the fistula disease from spreading. Meanwhile Dr. Alam lamented that the government did not provide any financial assistance and that indicates the docility of government on solving healthcare problems. Assistant professor (gynecology) Khwaja Fawad Pervaiz and Muhammad Yasir (provincial coordinator project Fistula KP) were also present on the occasion.

Staff Report. Thousands of women suffer from obstetric fistula every year. Daily Times, May 23, 2017.

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