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Water level rises by five feet in Gwadar dam

The port city of Gwadar yesterday received heavy rains raising the level of water by five feet in Ankara Dam which had dried up, suspending supply of water to the residents.

According to details, Ankara Dam which is the exclusive source of water supply to the port city withered mainly because of drought.

It has been raining in Northern Balochistan for last three days while Gwadar received heavy rains yesterday, which ended a famine-like situation in the port city. The torrential rains had replenished the level of Ankara Dam up to five feet, confirmed the sources of Water and Sanitation Department, adding it would end water scarcity that had been irking the residents for months.

The rains received by Gwadar for hours had ended the long drought, noted Additional Deputy Commissioner Gwadar Razzaq Sasoli, adding the storage level of the dam would further rise due to rains in the coming days.

The storage of five feet water in the dam would now meet demand for drinkable water of Gwadar and suburban areas for next three to four months.

It merits mentioning that the water problem intensified after the Ankara Dam dried up, compelling the government to supply water to the port city through 230-250 tankers on daily basis. The Ankarra Dam’s storage capacity has decreased from 55 feet to 25 feet on account of sediments, said the sources.

Reporter. Water level rises by five feet in Gwadar dam. The Nation, January 26, 2017.

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