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‘Women on wheel’ an immense step towards gender mainstreaming

Women Empowerment is a prerequisite to achieve sustainable development and prosperity. The province of Punjab cannot make development without involving the women in socio-economic activities and breaking the gender stereotypes. ‘Women on the Wheels’ is an appreciating step towards attaining dream of gender mainstreaming in Punjab and we recognize government’s seriousness to the initiative through allocation of resources and efforts from Chief Minister Special Monitoring Unit. These remarks were expressed by Mumtaz Mughal, Resident Director Aurat Foundation Punjab.
The project ‘Women on Wheel’ was initiated through the Women Package 2014 and Aurat Foundation was opted as a member of the Government Women Empowerment Committee. The basic idea of this project was to break the gender stereotypes and ease the mobility of the working women and girl students to transport to their workplace and educational institutions, respectively. Aurat Foundation, while acknowledging the initiative to be an upright step to ease women’s mobility, also remained a part of the government’s effort to identify and mobilize women from remote districts to participate in the riding training courses and exercises. AF also participated to the launching ceremony and were closely associated to encourage young girls and women to be beneficiary of this initiative.
The pilot project shall provide motorcycles to 3026 working women and students in the districts and initiative may spread across the province, later on. Aurat Foundation, as one of leading women rights organization, has the long struggle to mainstream girls and women participation to the national economy and politics. The Women on the Wheel like projects breaks those gender stereotypes and barriers which damage the young girls and women’s ambitions for education and employment. While responding to criticism on this project, Mumtaz Mughal said that it should be women’s choice that ‘what is right for her’ and this should not be determined by the prevailing patriarchal values.

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