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9,885kg of heroin, 1,440kg of hashish seized from educational institutions since 2016: ANF

Drug abuse data presented by the national anti-narcotics watchdog in the country’s educational system is alarming, to say the least. Since last year, at least 9,885 kilogrammes of heroin, 1,440kg of hashish and 33kg of opium were seized in special raids conducted in educational institutions.

The Anti-Narcotics Force compiled a report on its campaigns, stating that it launched a four-phased anti-drugs campaign between April last year and March this year.

According to the report, the ANF personnel arrested as many as 412 accused (drug peddlers) involved in distribution of drugs in 339 raids across the country’s educational institutions.

During these raids, the report stated, the ANF personnel also seized a kilogramme of cocaine.

Another report identifies public, private schools, colleges and universities in various cities.

Neither of the reports specified if students were among the arrested persons.

Drug seized in Kg

Raids Accused arrested Opium heroin Hashish Cocaine
339 412 33 9885.62 1440 1.25


The four campaigns were conducted over a 10-15-day periods.

During the first raid, the report stated, about 136 searches were conducted and 155 persons arrested. This raid, it stated, yielded 23.15kg of opium, 44.7kg heroin, 1,274.7kg hasish and 1.1kg cocaine.

During the third campaign in November last year, at least 9,825kg of heroin and 54kg of hasish was seized in 109 separate searches in which 142 accused were arrested.

Recently updating a Senate panel, Senior Superintendent of Police Sajid Kiani claimed that according to police information, news about drug operations were blown out of proportions and no student was found directly involved in drug-peddling.

The panel had told the police to keep an eye on exclusive private schools “where children of affluent people indulge in such activities”.

The ANF shared details of measures taken by the force to engage youth in healthy activities, besides creating public awareness about drug abuse.

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Such activities, it stated, included youth initiative programme focussing on 5,000 students from various educational institutions.

The ANF also invited students and heads of institutions in major cities to its drug-burning ceremonies.

In the report, the ANF suggested taking strict disciplinary action against managements of educational institutions, staff and students involved in narcotics use.

It also called for creating public awareness in curriculum, besides strict monitoring and vigilance programmes to curb the growing incidence of drugs use.

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