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Art for change: Art by schoolchildren for a higher purpose

Aimed at generating funds for underprivileged schools in Pakistan, an exhibition featuring over 3,200 artworks by schoolchildren opened at Alhamra on Thursday.

Hosted by the non-profit, youth-run initiative ‘Discovering New Artists’, the 3rd National Child Art Competition and Exhibition wants to lay importance not only on art education but also on the fact on being socially responsible citizens.

Artworks on display under the theme of ‘My Beautiful City/Village’ have been made by students from over 25 cities in Pakistan

The primary purpose of this initiative is to provide opportunities to students from under-resourced schools and to give them a chance to participate equally on a national level, DNA Founder and Director Mujtaba Zaidi told The Express Tribune.

Mujtaba along with some of his class fellows took the initiative in 2011 basically to financially help students who could not afford their education. “For the purpose, we’ve been organising several sponsored events to generate funds, which then go to help these children,” he says.

The DNA director added that one of the aims of the competition was to create a bridge between the students from privileged and underprivileged classes. Till now, almost 10,000 students have participated in these competitions.

“We charge a minimal fee of about Rs300 rupees from private school students for participation and with the funds we provide art materials and chairs for schools in need, so that they can participate on the same platform as other schools,” Mujtaba said.

Hassan Shahnawaz, a former principal of the Punjab University’s College of Fine Arts and Design, appreciated the efforts of the DNA team and the artwork by all the participants. “The artwork is wonderful and the originality can be seen throughout the displayed art pieces,” he said. “Such initiatives put emphasis on highlighting the importance of art education among the general public and young children in particular.”

Correspondent. Art for change: Art by schoolchildren for a higher purpose. The Express Tribune, January 14, 2017.

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