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Body for improving public school teachers’ quality on the cards

The draft law aimed at creating a provincial education standards authority to improve quality of teachers in Punjab’s public schools by introducing their licencing and training, has been finalised and sent to the chief minister for final approval.

The law had been drafted with much effort to evolve through the authority a permanent system of recruiting able teachers and making them undergo a rigorous training regime before and during their service, enabling them to produce educated human resource for the country, officials said on Thursday.

After its approval by the chief minister, the draft law will be sent to the cabinet for its final nod which is necessary for tabling a bill in the provincial assembly for adoption. If enforced with sincerity of purpose, the law could revolutionise the education sector in Punjab, they claimed.

According to the final draft, the authority will manage and regulate the certification, registration and licencing of teachers, head-teachers, teacher trainers, education administrators, and others, including the organisations related to school education in the province.

The authority, to be headed by the chief minister, will work for qualitative, pre-service and in-service training for teachers, their merit-based recruitment, and compliance of its standards to promote professional skills and develop expertise.

It will arrange modernised training so as to prepare teachers, trainers and administrators for promotion to all career stages, designing long and short term policies to address issues related to their efficiency, licencing, mandatory certification and accreditation.

It will ensure provision of trained and qualified leadership in the public sector institutions by establishing a staff college or any other institution and research- based education planning. It will also advice the public sector institutions, teachers, trainers and administrators on education related issues.

Preparations of rolls of licenced teachers, trainers and administrators, development of programmes, courses and syllabus for their pre-service and in-service training, introducing research-based methodology, forging partnerships with national and international organisations dealing with teacher licencing, are some other responsibilities of the authority that will be run by a fund to be created by the government.

Source: Dawn

Byline: Intikhab Hanif

December 26, 2016

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