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Campaign against gender based violence kicks off

The 16-day global advocacy campaign of activism against genderbased violence has started.

This was said by members of the community development foundation Jacobabad during a press conference here on Sunday.

All the members of Pakistan Forum for Democratic Policing (PFDP) Sindh Chapter, supported by VSO and Amplify Change in collaboration with Rozan and Legal Rights Forum, launched the campaign aimed at preventing gender based violence through democratic policing.

This campaign entitled, My Police For Me, focuses on raising public awareness of gender-based violence and reasserting the police’s commitment to tackling it, as a way to strengthen community-police ties, and work to build a positive image of a police force working to serve the needs of the community.

“Throughout the 16 days we will host activities across Sindh in conjunction with the police, Sindh Human Rights Commission, Sindh Commission on the Status of Women and various educational institutions that will stimulate discussion, provoke debate and hopefully affect change around the topic of gender-based violence , particularly in terms of the police response,” the community members said.

A diverse number of activities including seminars, dialogues with policy makers and police officers, theatre performances, community visits to police station, police and community cricket matches, audio and video messages on community policing and zero tolerance attitude towards gender based violence and engagement with students at colleges and universities, will take place in different towns and cities.

“The purpose of this press conference is to announce the launch of the 16 Days of Activism My Police for Me campaign , on behalf of the forum and all its members, we emphasise the need for police reforms in Sindh, we believe that community policing is the best policy and maintain that the police must serve in the interest of the community, we seek to bridge the gap between the community and police and increase dialogue between the two,” they added.

They demanded a zero-tolerance attitude and effective police response to genderbased violence .

During the press conference they maintained that the police should be sensitised on laws related to women, girls and children especially on gender based violence in order to make them more responsive to the complaints of the victims of crime.

The assert that when more females are recruited to police department women feel more comfortable in coming forward to report gender-based crimes and therefore encourage the police to recruit more female officers, in line with the 10 percent recommendation.

They wanted the police to be depoliticised and believe that all posting, transfers and recruitments must be made on merit while the more resources should be allocated to the police and it should be independent and empowered to make decisions and strategies that are in favour of the public as well as of police department as a whole.

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