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Book Launch: “Bridging Development Deficit through Democratic Decentralization: Post 18th Amendment for Local Governance in Pakistan”

Currently the entire world is facing the challenge of striking the most appropriate balance between well-being and sustainability in development. Different development models have been conceptualized, tested and promoted by different researchers, practitioners and institution. In all the models “Governance” is considered as a crucial factor to make well-being and …

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Report: Celebration of National Disaster Management Day

 Introduction of National Disaster Awareness Day Pakistan is the most vulnerable to natural disaster; every year natural calamities upset people’s lives and properties in some part of the country. Mostly riverine flood, flash flood, drought, erosion and landslide create trouble and damage in Pakistan. Over the past decades, climate change …

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Five Day Planning Workshop – Islamabad

Rural Development Policy Institute (RDPI) is a civil initiative aimed to stimulate public dialogue on policies; inform public action; and activate social regrouping to celebrate capacities and address vulnerabilities of resource-poor rural communities in Pakistan. RDPI undertakes research, planning, training, advocacy and endeavors to streamline appropriate and people-centered rural development in …

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