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Change system of education

Education is said to be the backbone for the progress and development of any country and its nation. Pakistan is said to be a third world country and for progress it needs to improve education system which is divided in the name of class and status. Lower class not sends their children to upper class schools because these high standard schools are unaffordable. It is not that there are no government schools and colleges. They are there but said to be called ghost schools.
The condition of government schools in Pakistan, especially in far flung areas, is so bad that there you will not find any sort of learning. These schools are meant for education of those who cannot afford education at private institutions. Pakistan education system has become worst because of no proper planning. Government-owned schools children, average private school and upper class school children can easily be distinguished. Everybody thinks himself expert in education in Pakistan but still why we are at 142nd position in international education ranking. These are the reasons which become source of crimes and other anti-social activities when there is inequality in society then the structure of society will be disorganized and it give rise to anti-social activities.
If the standard of education would improve though making only one standard of education and most important by improving standard of government schools then that day is not so far when Pakistan literacy rate will start rising. There are some of the important factors which contribute in lowering the standard of education in Pakistan.

Javed, Usama. Change system of education. Pakistan Observer, August 19, 2017.

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