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China plans educational and cultural activities for Pakistan

Chinese authorities have planned several educational and cultural projects in Pakistan under the China-Pakistan Culture Corridor – part of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Managing Director of the Cultural Communication Centre (CCC) of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, Echo Lee, said that they were trying to identify similarities in the cultures of Pakistan and China.

She stated that the projects included cultural, educational, and media exchange activities.

“Both the countries are neighbours and need to understand each other,” affirmed Echo. In cultural activities, they would arrange exhibitions in China and Pakistan.

Regarding education, under the CCC, 100 Pakistani students would be selected for higher and vocational studies in China on scholarships.

She said they would also work on media exchange and engage journalists from both countries to report cultural activities and better understand each other.

Scarlet Xiang, Chief Public Officer of the CCC, said that CCC has been set up by St Xianglin Management and Consulting Company Limited and Sozhou Vocational University. She added that CCC is committed to becoming the first platform between China and Pakistan in the field of culture and education.

The Chinese government would bear all expenses of the 100 brilliant Pakistani students selected for further education in China.

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