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Clerics’ help sought to cover polio refusals in Mansehra

Officials of district administration, health department and World Health Organisation (WHO) on Sunday held a meeting with clerics to persuade them to play a proactive role in bringing down polio refusal cases in the district.

Ulema from all over the district, Deputy Commissioner Iqbal Hussain, District Health Officer Dr Shahzada Ali, WHO representative Dr Ayesha and International Rotary Club Country Head Aziz Memon attended the meeting at the New Circuit House here.

Deputy Commissioner Iqbal Hussain urged Ulema to help persuade parents refusing vaccination to their children to save them from becoming paralysed.

He assured the religious scholars that polio drops didn’t cause impotency and the vaccine protected children against the crippling disease.

Speaking on the occasion, District Health Officer Dr Shahzad Ali said that now children were administered inactivated polio vaccine to inoculate them against the incapacitating disease.

He said that only Pakistan and Afghanistan were polio endemic countries as polio had been eradicated from the rest of the world.

The DHO sought the help of the religious scholars to join hands with the Health Department to defeat polio as it posed threat to the future of the children.

Citation: Reporter. Clerics’ help sought to cover polio refusals in Mansehra. The News. January 2,2017

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