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Court officials schooled on dealing with VAW cases

The Human Rights Ministry in collaboration with the Aurat Foundation conducted a two-day capacity building workshop for prosecutors and court officials in Islamabad.

Held under the project ‘Devising and Putting Forth Women Centred Laws and Capacity Building of Prosecutors and Court Officials’, the workshop was attended by Human Rights Ministry Secretary Rabiya Javeri Agha, Joint Secretary Humera Azam Khan and Aurat Foundation deputy chief of party Mahpara Shakil Ghauri, besides several legal advisers and prosecutors.

The purpose of the workshop was not only to highlight the productive role of women in society but also to train prosecutors and legal advisers on handling different cases related to women abuse and violence. Legal advisers also guided the participants about the mechanism and procedure followed in Pakistan while handling cases related to women rights.

Addressing the participants, Rabiya Javeri Agha laid emphasis on the public-private partnership to accomplish human rights agenda in Pakistan. She said that the Human Rights Ministry was committed to addressing violence issues in the country. “Our religion guarantees rights of women and gives them respect and reverence. To ensure protection of women rights, education is imperative and the real purpose of this workshop is to train women, prosecutors, legal advisers and policymakers by giving them a platform to find out the ways and possibilities to handle the issues related to women rights.”

She continued: “We are aware of the importance of women rights and the ministry will continue such endeavours by joining hands with different stakeholders of the society.” She appreciated the efforts of the Aurat Foundation in this regard.

Human Rights Ministry Joint Secretary Humera Azam Khan shared with the participants distinct features of the workshop organised under the gender equality programme. She said that the ministry would conduct 12 capacity building workshops in different selected districts of Pakistan. “For the purpose, the Human Rights Ministry has collaborated with legislators and legal advisers to foster public awareness.”

Mahpara Shakil Ghauri said that a fruitful collaboration of the government and the civil society was required to advocate the rights of women, and added that it was essential to fill the gap by providing multiple platforms to stakeholders. She said that joint efforts were required to harmonise the concerned segments of society.

At the end, experts shared thought provoking ideas and guided the participants about legal procedures followed in Pakistan for such cases.

Reporter. Court officials schooled on dealing with VAW cases. Daily Times, January 15, 2017.

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